Fund description

MHC Digital Asset Fund is an unlisted Australian unit trust investing in digital assets such as established cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, early-stage digital asset opportunities, and more. The Manager of the Fund, MHC Digital Finance, is co-owned by venture capitalist Mark Carnegie and leading blockchain expert, Sergei Sergienko.


Our team of industry experts and quantitative analysts manage an asymmetric cryptocurrency portfolio to meet defensive growth objectives. We aim to build a portfolio with the objective of capturing 80% of upside movements while limiting the downside to 40%. In a market as volatile as cryptocurrency, we are confident this strategy will outperform the market through its cycles while limiting downside risk.


The primary objective of MHC Digital Asset Fund is to deliver exceptional returns for investors through an actively managed diversified portfolio of digital assets. Our investment committee will draw on its experience to identify opportunities and assess their suitability with regards to our overall investment objectives.


The Fund’s investment strategy is to take advantage of the opportunities in the global digital asset space (both established and emerging) through a multi-investment asymmetrical strategy which aims to maximise returns whilst safeguarding the principal invested through prudent asset allocation and decentralised finance innovations. With our combination of expertise in both traditional financial funds management and digital assets, we have the technical knowledge and mastery required to invest in digital assets. We are able to understand and manage the security risks involved to the highest possible level, which is key in the digital asset space.

Asset class

The digital asset sector has a low correlation with other major asset classes, thus offering diversification to a balanced portfolio with the potential to reduce the overall risk of the average portfolio. Since the Federal Reserve's announcement on 23 March 2020 that it would do whatever it takes to curb a financial crisis, inflation concerns have created pricing adjustments for most asset classes. However, portfolios with larger level of digital assets have fared far better than those without. Bitcoin has offered the highest returns in the year that has followed (787%) versus the MSCI World Index (75%), the ASX200 (49%) and Gold (10%).

A tested

The Fund has been established to provide a unique exposure to both the larger, more liquid digital assets with a market cap of at least USD$1 billion (such as Bitcoin (“BTC”) and Ethereum (“ETH”)), as well as a balanced mix of early-stage opportunities with significant outperformance potential.

Seasoned management

MHC Digital Finance (or the 'Manager') is a focused Australian digital currency and emerging technology asset manager with a unique mix of digital asset and traditional financial funds management expertise. The Manager is an active investor looking to keep ahead of trends in a rapidly developing sector. The Manager applies a disciplined and methodical approach to managing investments through a continued assessment of risk and performance of its investment strategies.


Digital asset exposures are constantly monitored to ensure all assets of the Fund are aligned to the Fund’s investment parameters. Operating and investment processes are continuously reviewed through a combination of internal and external audits, regular compliance monitoring, management self-assessment procedures and risk management oversight.

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