Custody and security of digital assets is a challenge for all investors in the cryptocurrency space. With MHC Digital Finance's Custody Solutions, you can take comfort knowing your assets are safe with one of Australia’s most secure and compliant digital asset custody providers. Our solutions are tailor-made for institutions requiring maximum security, transparency and control.


Safeguard your digital assets with our qualified cold storage custody service. Cold storage assets are segregated, insured, and secured by multi-signature security. MHC Digital Finance is regularly audited and required to meet rigorous standards for anti-money laundering procedures, confidentiality, reporting and storage.


In a fast moving and relatively new market, our team remains at the forefront of cybersecurity and financial crime. We continuously implement compliance solutions to provide a robust strategy and stay ahead as the digital asset marketplace evolves.


A syndicate of insurers in the Lloyds of London European marketplace cover digital assets held by MHC Digital Finance in the MHC Digital Fund via the safe custody wallets used to hold the assets of the fund. The cost of insurance is covered by our custody solution including any and all deductibles.

Wide variety of

MHC Digital Finance supports a wide variety of digital assets across its entire portfolio, and is able to provide custody solutions tailored to individual needs.

End to end

Control is maintained at every point of trading execution to allow for seamless, cost-effective and secure asset movements.

Verification and tax

Detailed portfolio management and reporting provide ongoing transparency, oversight and confidence. Tax obligations are consolidated and prepared in clear quarterly formats.

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