MHC Digital Finance operates a number of wholesale managed investment schemes that provide a variety of investment strategies and areas of focus to meet investors’ individual requirements. We have assembled a team of industry experts from traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets to provide a balanced and professional approach to the rapidly emerging digital asset industry.

Key Funds’ Team Members

Mark Carnegie

Over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, investor and corporate advisor in New York, London and Sydney. Investment Committee Member

Sergei Sergienko

A leading expert and successful private investor in cryptocurrency, Defi and Blockchain systems and applications. Investment Committee Member

Raman Nambiar
Head of Blockchain Analytics

Active speaker and writer in the Blockchain industry. Currently a consultant to Asian Development Bank and United Nations in the field of Blockchain Technology. Investment Committee Member

Andrew Palmer
Portfolio Manager

Over 20 years’ experience at the cutting edge of Global Financial Markets in leadership rolls on Wall Street, The City of London and Sydney with a specialisation in derivative products. Investment Committee Member

Dmitry Stakhin
Head Trader

An expert in Crypto trading automation and crypto arbitrage strategies. Dmitri creates trading bots in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with a particular focus on defi. Investment Committee Member

Kate Thompson

Over 20 years’ experience as legal and corporate advisor specialising in M&A. Currently COO and Chief Legal Counsel at MH Carnegie

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