Are you (still) a crypto bull?

4 June, 2021 by Mia Kwok - Sergei speaks to Mia Kwok of LiveWire as she dives below the hype to understand the investment opportunities in crypto.

Carnegie launches second crypto fund

5 July, 2021 by Elizabeth McArthur - The MHC Digital Market Neutral Fund is aimed at Australian wholesale investors looking to take advantage of inefficiencies within the cryptocurrency, blockchain and DeFi (decentralised finance) markets.

Mark Carnegie backs alphabet soup of crypto

Mark Carnegie is fired up about crypto. The Sydney-based venture capitalist is extolling its potential in a torrent of thoughts and ideas, as he hops like quickfire from bitcoin and ether to DeFi, NFTs and DAOs

Mark Carnegie and Sergei Sergienko’s new brainchild, the MHC Fund, is set to take the world of Crypto Finance by Storm

25 May, 2021 by BTCManager - Mark Carnegie is a household name in the world of Finance. And thanks to an unlikely collaboration with Sergey Sergienko, a star entrepreneur in the worlds of Finance, Blockchain and recruiting, he is about to become a household name in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as well.

"Getting Off Zero", Mark Carnegie's interview with Alan Kohler

5 July, 2021 by 'Eureka Report' - Investor Mark Carnegie talks about his new Cryptocurrency Fund, the difference between Ethereum, Bitcoin and the other 4,498 cryptocurrencies and how you shouldn't be in crypto without a crazy person.

Bitcoin just a ‘sideshow’: Carnegie’s crypto warning

21 May, 2021 by James Eyers - Venture capitalist Mark Carnegie is urging financial advisers get a sophisticated understanding of crypto asset markets to ensure clients don’t make bad bets on bitcoin or get lured into scams.

Carnegie buys carbon credits to offset crypto fund

5 July, 2021 by MHC Digital Finance - Mark Carnegie has bought carbon credits to ensure that MHC Digital Finance's cryptocurrency operations are carbon negative.

‘Financial weapon’: Bitcoin becomes another factor in China-US contest

18 April, 2021 by Chris Zappone - Sydney-based venture capitalist Mark Carnegie says that although bitcoin is flawed, cryptocurrency points to new possibilities for global finance that Australian policymakers ignore at their peril.

SBS interview with Mark Carnegie regarding Bitcoin's record high overnight and crypto's debut on US market

14 April, 2021 by Ricardo Goncalves - Bitcoin hit a record high overnight, so SBS Finance Editor Ricardo Gonçalves speaks with veteran investor Mark Carnegie who has launched a new crypto fund for more.

Super funds need to get on board with crypto

12 April, 2021 by Elizabeth McArthur - Ahead of the launch of his new digital assets fund, investment banker Mark Carnegie has warned that Australian super funds need to get on board with cryptocurrencies.

Why I stopped worrying and learnt to love crypto

1 March, 2021 by Mark Carnegie - What can you do to protect against the real risk to savings when every country is printing currency as fast as the presses will go?

Carnegie’s crypto fund targets huge returns

25 March, 2021 by Tom Richardson - Australian venture capital investor and entrepreneur Mark Carnegie will launch an unlisted crypto fund to generate 30 per cent annual returns.

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